Are plexiglass barriers, sneezeguards, or protective barriers necessary for your business?

During the last six months of the virus, many businesses were working very hard and still are on

maintaining their ground and outlasting the pandemic. For businesses to stay open, all physical

businesses must have safe guidelines and protocols provided by our government. Plexiglass barriers have

become one of the top essential supplies to keep customers safe and comfortable in an indoor

establishment. Having these protective barriers have been mandatory in most business, especially

if you're looking to operate in higher capacity.

 At the end of the day, plexiglass barriers will help us maximize our safety for individuals and prevent

any forms of droplets when conversing with each other.

Many local workshops in Vancouver have adapted and started fabricating plexiglass barriers to assist

other local business owners. Being one of the many local businesses fabricating plexiglass barriers in

Vancouver, we have distributed over 3000 + shields since the day the B.C government gave the go-

ahead for businesses to operate after the lockdown.

If you are a business owner, but do not know where to start, our team can help you out with a no-

charge quotation and see if we can be of service for you.