About Us

Why choose FuTech?

FuTech Signs and Store Fixture is the division of the FuTech Economic Group (FEG), the diverse investment company which pursues new growth opportunities as we develop throughout the globe. Our own manufacturer in the rapidly growing South China area provides customized services in product design, comprehensive metal-work, and acrylic fabrication. Our full line machinery includes powder coating, CNC machines, punching machines, bending machines and shear machines that can manufacture a wide variety of products. We optimize our offering by importing from countries around the world.
We are a one-stop shop for all store displays, store fixtures, store supplies and signage systems. We have over 2,000 items in stock at competitive prices with the best selection to ensure that we will be able to fulfill your store fixture requirements. We also provide customized services from concept to completion, as well as comprehensive metal-works, welding and millwork to satisfy all your display and signage needs.
Our store carries the full line standard items of slat wall fixtures, grid panel fixtures, showcases, shelving, acrylic displays, jewellery displays, plastic and paper bags, impulse heat sealers, mannequins, clothing racks, hangers, newspaper racks,trade show displays, real estate signs, sign products and much more. We also welcome custom made orders to perfectly fit your store.
Our Services:
Custom Service and Special Order:
Our own manufacturer, marketing department, research department and warehouse provide full line services for in stock items, customized products and special orders from small quantities to volume orders. We are a leading supplier in B.C. for sign and printing companies, design houses, agencies and marketing companies.
Our local workshop and experienced technicians have over 18 years of experiences in B.C. and provide professional services not just in Greater Vancouver but also beyond the province. We also specialize in storefront design and signage for shopping malls. In addition, we have a full line of services including concept to design, production and installation, application for permit services to City Hall, and CSA certificated labeling.
One of our feature technologies and products is “LED channel letters”, which is done in professional quality but at affordable price. It is custom-made based on your ideas and fit into your store perfectly.
Printing Service:
Our workshop in Richmond provides a large-scale digital printing services for various sizes of indoor and outdoor banners, back-lit and adhesive material printing, flatbed printing and even full color business cards, price tags and other printed materials at a competitive rate.
The contracting team from FuTech has over 15 year’s experiences in custom services such as storefront design and interior design, renovation, building permit application services to City Hall.