The Hanging Plastic Shield Protection is designed to prevent droplets and fluids from sneezes & coughs between individuals at cashier & check out areas.

Includes 2 pcs of Ceiling Brackets, and 2 pcs of cable wire
Quick and easy assembly
3 mm or 4.5 mm clear thick acrylic panel
Excellent divider for close interactions
Custom sizing is available
Use with our cable wire system

Cable wire hardware for installation:  

#CW006 Display Wire
#CS022A  Ceiling mount bracket – Aluminum
#CS022C  Ceiling mount bracket – Chrome
#CS016  Ceiling /Floor mount bracket – Chrome
#HPC018  Hanging panel clamp – 10mm panel – Chrome
#HPC018-6A  Hanging Panel clamp – 6mm panel – Aluminum
# HPC018-6C  Hanging Panel clamp – 6mm panel – Chrome 

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